Preventing the Spread of Illnesses at School

Post date: Oct 03, 2014 5:52:33 PM

Coughs, colds and upper respiratory illnesses caused by viruses are common among school children and can spread quickly.

A case of the enterovirsus D68 that has been in the news has spread to Maine. According to the Maine CDC it appears to be more severe than other cold virsuses and can cause wheezing and difficulty breathing as well as other cold symptoms.

Children with asthma should be especially careful.

Please call your doctor if you suspect your child is sick with this virus.

Here are some tips on preventing their spread and to keep your child healthy.

Children and adults should all get a flu shot and keep up to date on immunizations, especially pertussis (whooping cough)

Children should stay home from school 24 hours after fever stops without medication or after vomiting and diarrhea stops.

Stay home from school with a cold if they also have persistent cough or unusually tired. The extra rest will help them recover sooner and help prevent them from getting sick again.

Promote good hygiene: wash hands after sneezing or productive cough, cough into sleeve, not hand

Frequently wash door nobs, light switches, etc.