Maine Harvest Week Sept. 22-26, 2014

Post date: Sep 18, 2014 1:26:20 PM

Every fall, school districts across the state celebrate Maine Harvest Lunch - a celebration of the bounty

of Maine's harvest featuring local foods on the school menu. RSU 20 joins in the celebration!

Each day during Harvest week, the school lunch main entree

will feature a Maine-made or farmed item, including:

Beef from Curtis Custom Meats, Warren

Chicken from Mainly Poultry, Warren

Fish from Port Clyde Fresh Catch Coop from Port Clyde

Cheese for pizza from the State of Maine Cheese in Rockport

Carrots & Melons from Cross Patch Farm in Morrill

Apples from Mindel Farm, Plymouth

 Blueberries from Wyman’s in Milbridge

 Watermelon from Common Sense Farm in Thorndike

AND assorted vegetables from the THMS Garden Project!

These items will be featured most of the school year.

We encourage you to have your students participate in the school lunch program.

Quiz: How well do you know Maine Agriculture?

Maine is America's largest blueberry growing state raising 98% of the low-bush

blueberries in the United States.

Maine is 2nd in the nation in the production of maple syrup and Maine’s Somerset

County produces more maple syrup than any other county in the country

Maine ranks 5th in the nation among producers of fall potatoes and acreage.

Maine leads the nation in production of brown eggs.

You can help celebrate with us — Visit local farms, farmers markets, Maine

agricultural fairs, or check out farm related books from your local library.

Don’t forget about Maine aquiculture! Also, the Get Real, Get Maine website at is an excellent resource for locating farms and events in Maine.