Post date: Feb 04, 2014 3:51:22 PM

February is National Children's Health Month

Children will receive new toothbrushes and toothpaste funded by a grant from the Office of Dental Health in Augusta. This is a good opportunity to remind your children to take good care of their teeth.

*Brush twice daily for 2 minutes

* Floss daily

* Visit a dentist regularly

* Avoid sugary foods, including drinks

* Eat healthy snacks

Friday, February 7th is SUGAR OUT DAY. School lunch and breakfasts will not serve any foods with added sugar.

We invite you to do the same at home.

FLUORIDE VARNISH is a protective coating of fluoride that is painted on the teeth. It replaces weekly fluoride swish; it is more effective and only needs to be applied twice during the school year, saving lots of time!

The second application will be done during the first week of March. Permission slips have been sent home. If you signed up for fluoride varnish in the fall you do not need another permission.

Contact your school nurse if you have any questions.