Bobcat Book Bus Schedule

Post date: Jul 29, 2019 11:33:41 AM

For Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Times are approximate and may be shorter if families meet in a central location on their road.

Look for the school van, listen for the ice cream truck music and come out to choose your free book and ice cream!

10:00 - leaving school and serving these roads:

Cross, Birch Crest, Horse Jockey, Rocky to Bog, Rocky, Moosewood, and Blueberry - Prescott Hill Rd to Rt 52 (11 stops)

11:00 ish - Belfast Road (Rt 52) to Cheri, Hart, Ryan, Upper Beech Hill, Big Rock, Winter (15 stops)

12:00 ish- Upper Beech Hill to Atlantic Hwy including Small Ln, Knights Pond, Leeman Dr., Flanders, Hollow Ln, Lexington Ave, Eagle Dr, Nelson Dr (15 stops)

1:00 - 1:10 Town Hall Stop If you think we missed you, meet us here!

***Children and parents should NOT cross Rt 1 (Atlantic Highway)! The bus will stop at your house on the return trip.***

1:10 - Atlantic Hwy, South from Beech Hill, including Jack Rabbit and Stone Dr. - Atlantic Hwy, North from town line to Cross St, including Upper Bluff, Cliff, Saturday Cove Rd (10 stops)

2:10 - High St (Temple Heights), Bayview Dr, Nealey, Glenwood, Priest, Megan’s Way, Chelsea Ln, Pound Hill Rd.

3:00 ish - Rt. 1 North, Bluff Rd, Cobe and Bayside at the Town Dock Park if you think we have missed your house (6 stops)