Drinkwater Elementary School
56 Bayside Road
Northport, ME  04849

Todd Martin, Principal  tmartin@drinkwaterschool.org
Marcia Brown, Admin Assistant  marcia.brown@drinkwaterschool.org

Phone:    (207) 338-3430
Fax:        (207) 338-5985

School Hours:    8:30AM - 3:05PM
Office Hours:      7:30AM - 3:30PM


Northport School Department
56 Bayside Rd.
Northport, ME 04849

Peg Long, Superintendant  plong@drinkwaterschool.org
Karen Brown, Bookkeeper  kbrown@drinkwaterschool.org
Luci Milewski, Business Mgr.  lmilewski@drinkwaterschool.org
Peg LongSpecial Ed. Director  plong@drinkwaterschool.org

Phone:  (207) 338-3430
Fax:      (207) 338-5985

Note:  Drinkwater Elementary School is in the town of Northport, but because we share a zipcode, Google maps identifies us with the town of Lincolnville.